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Gun Mayhem Unblocked

[Total: 54    Average: 4.4/5]

Gun Mayhem was developed by Armor Games in 2011 year and soon after release become hit of the season. People of different ages all over the world started to play the game and share their thoughts about it. There are a lot of reasons why this game became so popular, but the main one is awesome 3D graphics and ability to play with your friends. The game offers an extended multiplayer for up to 4 real players at once, none of other shooting game supports such option. You will be having fun with 12 different maps, an interesting campaign mode with co-op mode and a lot of customizable. You can choose the look of your character, including face, hairstyle and so on for free.

Gun Mayhem Unblocked is a shooting game, and this means that your primary mission is to kill your enemies. Some of the matches have different quest, but almost all of them require your skills. The game offers you wide variety of weapons, all of them differ from each other by power and accuracy. For example, my favorite weapon is Sniper Rifle, it is a bit slow but kills enemy with a single shot.

At our website GunMayhemUnblocked.Org you can play all versions of this wonderful game for free. Hope you will enjoy the game with us. Don't forget to share your thoughts below, through the comments form. Enjoy!